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•  Municipal  •  Environmental
Complete Water Supply Sales & Service

Well Drilling Services

     • Well Drilling - Residential, Municipal, Commercial, Farm, Environmental
     • Water Well Drilling
     • Monitoring Wells
     • Environmental Wells
     • Test Wells
     • Water Source (Pump & Dump)
     • Geothermal Loop Bore Holes

Water Pump & Pressure Systems
     • Applications - Residential, Municipal, Commercial, Farm, Environmental
     • High performance water well pump installations
     • Systems designed for each individual well requirements
     • Submersible pumps available in various gallons per minute output and HP
     • Various sized pressure tanks based on capacity needed
     • Control boxes for specific performance needs
     • Solutions for low output well water
     • Engineered pump testing
Water Treatment

     • Water softener, Iron breaker, UV systems, R.O. systems, water filters
     • Water treatment for the individual needs of each well
     • Water sampling to ensure proper equipment selection
     • New installations and retrofitting
     • Water testing


     •Licensed plumbers for all plumbing needs
     •Supply lines and drainage lines
     •Water heaters, vanities, tubs, toilets, faucets, etc.

Well Abandonment
     • Proper decommissioning of contaminated or stagnant wells
     • Ensure aquifers are properly protected from surface contamination
     • Protect the integrity of Ontario's fresh water sources
     • Test holes, monitoring wells, drilled wells, dug or bored wells

Well Extension

     • Wells that are drilled in pits or below ground can be brought up to code
     • Casing extensions ensure a proper seal from surface water
     • Well pits are removed and filled, annular space is sealed
     • Extended wells receive an up to date Well Tag number
Flow Rate Testing For Real Estate Sales

     • Ensuring a well is operating properly before a home purchase is essential
     • Full water system inspection by a licenced professional
     • Report filled with in depth analysis on all equipment
     • Will make recommendations for best quality water and efficiency

Cistern Installations

     • Best solution for low yield wells
     • Can be installed in conjunction with a water well supply or no water supply
     • Available in various sizes and material
     • Full installation, excavation, leveling, water pump and float installation
     • Low level alarms optional to monitor water level

   Hanlon Well Drilling and Plumbing has been operating with a heavy heart toward maintaining the integrity of our ground water since 1988. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and our responsibility we have toward the environment. We strive to educate our clients and community on the importance of maintaining our fresh water systems based on the most current Ministry of the Environment regulations and best management practices. Our water well drilling practices ensure that our fresh water aquifers are protected and developed to provide clean and safe water to our customers and neighbours. We supply water pumping and pressure system equipment from industry leaders to ensure our customers receive the most reliable and efficient systems, based on water well production and the service each well will be providing. You can trust that Hanlon Well Drilling and Plumbing will deliver a quality product and a piece of mind that our work will be done the right way.