About Us

   My name is Henry Hanlon and I would like the opportunity to introduce myself and to let you know a little about my company. In August of 1988 I founded and incorporated Hanlon Well Drilling Ltd. Since then we have grown from a two man operation that only performed drilling services, to a company with multiple trained and licensed employees and my wife Kathy, our business manager and head of our water treatment division.  We now offer complete water service, which includes drilling, plumbing, pumps and pressure systems, water treatment filters, sales, service and installation. We are now proud to be known as Hanlon Well Drilling and Plumbing Ltd. Our technicians are fully licensed Ministry of Environment Well Technicians, pump installers and plumbers, including myself. These are all M.O.E. requirements and regulation to perform well and pump services in Ontario. We are licensed by the M.O.E (Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change) and longtime members of the Ontario Ground Water Association, and The National Water Well Association. I have also sat on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Geothermal Association. We believe education of our employees, customers and the general public is essential. We regularly attend manufacturers and M.O.E. training seminars and diligently stay abreast of ministry and industrial regulations and technologies, as well as visit high schools on career day to educate students and inform them of job opportunities in the ground water industry. We also hold seminars for real estate agents and appear on several television programs and interviews. We have also provided training for the new Ministry of Environment and Climate Change inspection officers. We take pride in our knowledge, experience, training and reputation and are proud to be stewards of our industry.
   Over the years we have built an extensive list of satisfied customers. Our client list extends to all aspects of the Water industries and Geothermal. Our clients are: municipalities, industrial facilities, commercial sites, institutional buildings, homebuilders and homeowners. We also work with various engineering firms on housing (subdivision) projects, environmental projects, dewatering, geothermal projects, which requires a close working relationship with engineers and various government agencies to meet specific regulations. 
   We are located North of Guelph and South of Elora on the Elora Road, centrally located to service Wellington County, Waterloo, Halton and Hamilton Regions, but are willing to travel across Ontario depending on type and size of job.

Links and References

Ontario Ground Water Association

Grand River Conservation Authority

National Drilling Association

Ontario Geothermal Association

Ministry of the Environment

Ground Water Canada Article

Mechanical Contractors


Rapid Cooling Mechanical Inc.
27 Monarch Rd.
Guelph, ON
519 823 1856

Main Air Systems Inc.
132 Britannia Rd. E
Mississauga, ON
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Engineering Firms


Robert Mancini & Associates
15 Healey Rd. Suites 202 & 204
Bolton, ON
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Stantec Consulting
49 Frederick St.
Kitchener, ON
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GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd.
650 Woodlawn Rd W.
Guelph, ON
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10 Bram Crt.

Brampton, ON

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Conservation Authorities

Grand River Conservation Authority
400 Clyde Rd. P.O. Box 729
Cambridge, ON
519 621 2761


Halton Region Conservation
2596 Britannia Rd. W
Burlington, ON
905 336 1158



Sky Cast Inc.
299 Ontario 6
Guelph, ON
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Faith Mission

10463 Second Line.

Campbellville, ON

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Mark Wilson’s Better Used Cars

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Singh Greenhouses

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Hamilton, ON

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Inspirah Property Management Ltd.
449 Laird Rd.
Guelph, ON
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Commercial Construction


Melloul-Blamey Construction Inc.
700 Rupert St. Unit A
Waterloo, ON
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Tambro Construction
1 Taggart St.
Guelph, ON
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North American Construction
21 Queen St.
Morriston, ON
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PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
2085 Hurontario St. Suite 400
Mississauga, ON
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Clarkway Construction
11411 Clarkway Dr.
Brampton, ON
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CSL – Collaborative Structures Ltd.

6683 Ellis Rd.

Cambridge, ON

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Devlan Construction Ltd.

54 Monarch Rd.

Guelph, ON

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Caird-Hall Construction Inc.

3099 South Dr.

Burlington, ON

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Excavation Contractors


Clarkway Construction Ltd.

11411 Clarkway Dr. East

Brampton, ON

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Zehr Management Inc.
607 King St. W.
Kitchener, ON
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Wilson Ponds

5508 Fourth Line

Erin, ON

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Kieswetter Excavating Inc.

3135 Boomer Line

St. Clements

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Ontario Clean Water Agency
350 Queen St. W.
Fergus, ON
519 843 2180

City of Hamilton, Standard Life Building
120 King St. W. 9th Floor
Hamilton, ON
905 546 2424


County of Wellington
74 Woolwich St.
Guelph, ON


City of Guelph (Sup. Water Works Div.)
59 Carden St.
Guelph, ON
519 837 5627

City of Brampton (Karl Lin P. Eng.)
2 Wellington St. W.
Brampton, ON
905 874 2544

City of Burlington
426 Brant St.
Burlington, ON
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689 Exeter Rd.
London, ON
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SNC-Lavalin ProFac
1 Stone Rd. W
Guelph, ON
519 822 0020

Residential Building Contractors


Carson Reid Homes
183 Dufferin St.
Guelph, ON
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Dunnink Homes Ltd.
4988 Jones Baseline Rd.
Guelph, ON
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Shirecrest Homes Inc.
480 Scenic Dr.
St. George, ON
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Diamond Quality Homes
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Guelph, ON
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New Horizon Homes
69 John St. S. #400 
Hamilton, ON
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Post Farm Structures Inc.
80 Peel St. E.
Alma, ON
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Guelph, ON
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Reid Homes – Nathan Reid

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Cambridge, ON

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Eastforest Homes Ltd.

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Kitchener, ON

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